The students are hereby notified that during their course of study at the RCHM&CT, they are required to follow the given instructions laid down by the Institute Management.


Minimum 75% attendance is MUST, failing which the student will not be awarded subject wise internal marks for attendance.     The students’ attendance throughout the day in ALL PRACTICAL and THEORY CLASSES are must.


Students are supposed to assemble every Monday at 08:50hrs in proper college uniform for morning briefing.
Late reporting to the classes and practical sessions without prior information to the concerned authority shall result in cash fines as per institute policies.

Late reporting after vacations for classes is strictly not allowed. In such a case leave shall be at the discretion of the HOD only after prior information from and discussion with the parents/guardians. Failing which disciplinary action would be taken against the concerned student.

Students should always be well dressed in appropriately washed and ironed uniforms to suit the purpose as provided by the institute failing which they are liable for cash fines.                
Kitchen uniforms are meant for use only in the kitchen and should not be wear elsewhere for any purpose. Chef uniforms either covered or uncovered should not be used outside the college campus or when commuting. The students should carry along appropriate kits required for individual practicals and should be well dressed in appropriate uniform.

Students should always apply for leave in written with applications duly signed by the parents.

Students are required to represent the Institute for various events at different venues and occasions. These events stand compulsory for all students failing to comply will attract a strict disciplinary action.

I-cards issued to the students are non-exchangeable and non-transferable. Identity cards provided should always be worn. Any loss or damage of identity cards should be immediately reported and a new I-card will be issued on the payment of Rs. 250/-. Students without I-cards will not be permitted to enter college premises.
Students should not hand over their I-cards to anyone except the authorized staff members. Misuse can attract a severe action by the institute. The authority may ask for the surrender of I-cards for a justified purpose.

Change of address/telephone numbers should be intimated with urgency in writing to the institute only by the concerned parents/guardians. Communications to such faulty addresses would be considered genuine and college actions will be initiated without any further notice. No verbal communications in this regards would be entertained.
Students will be allotted a locker, which is meant only to support daily college activities.
All students will submit a duplicate locker key in the college office. These keys would be issued to students in case of emergency on the payment of Rs. 10/-. Lockers once allotted would be non-transferable or non-exchangeable
These lockers are liable for spot checks by any of the staff members. Restricted materials in the locker would attract disciplinary actions.
The institute will not be responsible for any loss or theft from the lockers. Storage of food in lockers is strictly prohibited.
All students will be required to empty the locker before leaving for training or at the semester end and take back the duplicate key from the concerned authority failing which the lockers shall be confiscated along with the belongings present in it for which the Institute shall not be responsible in any manner whatsoever.
Ragging has ruined many innocent lives and careers. Honorable supreme court had declared it as a crime in civil appeal no 887 of 2009. Therefore our anti ragging squad keeps an eye on this, so that it never happens in our college. strict disciplinary action is taken if any student found indulge in ragging.